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“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”

- Rumi

What is Energy Healing?

Energy is the language of the body. All living things have a personal energy field around the physical body. This energy field is connected to the universal field, is highly perceptive and is now measured and acknowledged by the scientific community as a key influencer in the well being of the body, mind and spirit. 

When the energy field is not balanced, it affects the physical body and vice versa. Energy healing is a wellness modality that helps to restore balance in this energy field by clearing out blocks that may be holding you back thereby restoring health and vitality in the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Energy Healing can provide relief from a myriad of imbalances. Here is a list of a few: 

  • Pain and Injury

  • Emotional issues such as anger, grief, etc

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Chronic health issues

  • A sense of being stuck or lack of motivation

  • Overall well being

No matter what the reason is that brings you to an Energy practitioner, the effects are holistic - you will experience remarkable improvements in body, mind and soul.

What to expect in an Energy Healing (I.E.M) Session?

An I.E.M session can be in person or remote. Since the session involves working with energy it is just as effective done virtually as in person.

During an in-person session, you will be lying on a massage table fully clothed. After the initial intake, the healing session is done in silence. If information comes up during the healing that will help in identifying the root imprints underneath a symptom then it is possible for a conversation to come up about the issue, emotions or trauma so this 'stuck' energy can be transformed and released. The session is hands off for the most part but light touch may be used if necessary.

In a remote session, you can be situated in any part of the world. We will connect over Skype and the entire session is done virtually.

If you are new to energy healing or would like to learn more please reach out to me here



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Bhuvana Krishnan is a graduate of the WhiteWinds Institute of Integrative Energetic Medicine in Metro Atlanta. As an I.E.M (Integrative Energetic Medicine) practitioner, Bhuvana has been trained in the art and science of healing body, mind, heart and soul using heart centered presence and awareness.


After a 20 year career in the corporate world in roles ranging from project manager, consultant and entrepreneur, Bhuvana realized that true happiness and contentment can only be realized from listening to one's soul's calling. Over the recent decade, she has explored, studied and practiced  yoga, meditation, different mind body techniques and learnt from different teachers.  She is deeply grateful to all her teachers who patiently and compassionately shifted her from an ego based mentality to heart centered awareness and remains a life long student of 'life'.

Bhuvana is a passionate healer and brings her knowledge of I.E.M and yoga to this sacred opportunity to be of service.



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