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In many spiritual traditions, the lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of beauty and purity. Human beings are often compared to the lotus flower, beautiful, yet untouched by the murky waters that they often grow in. It is believed that our true Self lies in the center of the lotus flower, in the eye of the lotus.

I believe that this journey of life is a quest to (re)discover this Lotus eye, know it, understand it and thereby find true joy and meaning.

Energy Medicine and a daily meditation practice are wonderful companions on this journey. Energy medicine allows you to heal from within, regain balance and grounding. A regular meditation practice helps you integrate and nurture that healed Self, so it can truly blossom and be joyful and free.

"What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs"



My Offerings

Energy Medicine

Heal from within

Awaken the Healer Within to find relief from anxiety, stress and dis-ease

Energy Healing


Remember the Silence

We are all perfect and whole but have forgotten it amidst the daily stresses and busyness. Meditation is a simple way to return to that state of stillness and joy.

Yoga at Home

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